The Enchanted rose garden 
nursery and pre-school  
Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
The Enchanted rose garden nursery and pre-school 
Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
0121 238 3174 
0121 737 8414 
A Language Rich Environment 
A place to talk, a reason to talk, support for talk - The importance of a language rich environment. 
At The Enchanted Rose Garden, our children, from birth to preschool, are exposed to a language-rich environment designed to develop their key skills for communication. Books are read and stories learned, poems and nursery rhymes are chanted and mastered. 
Countless opportunities for talk are created through exploration and role-play in carefully constructed play settings which allow the flow of talk and communication. 
The connection between a language-rich environment, where careful questioning is key, and child development is highly regarded as central to cognitive development. 

To arrange a visit please call 0121 7378414 or fill in the contact form 

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