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Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
The Enchanted rose garden nursery and pre-school 
Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
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garden (All children) 
Outdoor education is at the heart of the practice at The Enchanted Rose Garden Nursery and Pre-School. The outdoor environment at the setting will be an integral part of the children's daily experience and will aide all areas of their development. Our outdoor area and garden is very well equipped and secure all round. In line with the best practices contained in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the garden is an extension of the indoor play and learning environment, where children can choose the activities that engage them. We have a large canopy, which provides additional shade on sunny days and shelter on wet days. At the side of the garden, children will be able to enjoy digging, planting. Sand, water and mark making activities will be available during the children’s free flow experiences. 
BABY ROOM (6-24 months) 
The babies are very well catered for in a wonderful free-flow environment, where toys and resources are accessible for the children to self-select. During their first months, young babies react to people and situations with their whole bodies. They are also competent in observing and responding to their immediate environment and communicating with those around them. We have a separate sleep room to allow for some quiet time between all activities on offer throughout the day. We hold a variety of activities such as messy play, role play, music, dance and story time, treasure baskets and sensory areas; always focusing the children’s next steps around the prime areas of learning. Importantly, all babies will take regular trips into our large garden and wil flourish in our loving home-from-home environment. 
TODDLER ROOM (24-36 months) 
The toddler room is divided into 2 rooms, which has free-flow access into each to provide plenty of room for young children to explore and mix together whilst learning through play. As the children in the baby room progress, children begin to show increasing independence and pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play, so around the time of their second birthday we will arrange inductions for the child and parents to make transitions smooth and happy for all. The rooms are divided into different areas. One will include all their messy activities: arts and crafts, play dough, cornflower and many more, role-play, mark making, book and cosy corner, construction and small world. The other room will include areas such as sand and water play, science and nature, music and movement and maths and ICT. We also have a separate sleep room for those children who need a rest. The children in the toddler room are able to explore and learn throughout their day without pressure and at their own pace. Free access to the garden will provide them with an outdoor extension to their indoor activities.  
PRE-SCHOOL ROOM (36-48 months) 
As the children approach the term of their third birthday, in discussion with parents / carers and staff, children will start a transition period from the toddler room into our pre-school room. In the pre-school room there is a wider focus on specific areas of learning where they will be well-prepared for school with a well-planned curriculum. A lot of work and care ensures that the children are prepared for the next step of starting school. At this age children deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each other. In our pre-school rooms we cater for up to 30 children within each room, aged between 3 and 5. Children have free access to the garden which provides them with an outdoor extension to their indoor activities. At this age there is a degree of free flow to the day’s structure, where children are encouraged to select the activities in which they choose to participate, overseen by key members of staff. 
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