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We had such fun with the pre-schoolers yesterday, celebrating the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. The sun was shining and the games were on! 
We've themed this week's play around the sporting events that many of the children have seen on the TV, and even some even in real life! So in keeping with the commonwealth theme, we set up 4-lane running track and various field-style events around the garden for everyone to explore. 
With a bit of demonstration, coaching and in some cases gentle encouragement, we had some real engagement and skill development across all of the pre-schoolers. With an unlikely favorite being the: 'balance the beanbag on your head 100m sprint race', closely followed by 'bowls' (roll the ball into the hula hoop). 
With participation being the focus of reward, rather than winning, there were no tears, great engagement, and lots of proud sticker-endowed t-shirts. Not to mention mild euphoria from certain frozen treats as a participation prize. 
Today we take the toddlers for their very own commonwealth day, will they love it just as much as the Mini and Mighty Oaks? I predict so. 
Happy commonwealth and Warm Regards, 
The Enchanted Rose Garden Team 
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