The Enchanted rose garden 
nursery and pre-school  
Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
The Enchanted rose garden nursery and pre-school 
Where the magic of childhood is brought to life 
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We understand the importance of nurturing young minds and bodies through nutritious home-cooked food and a balanced menu. 
Nutrition is at the top of the agenda in the Enchanted Rose Garden kitchen. A strong emphasis is placed on a healthy, balanced diet and every meal is cooked from scratch using carefully chosen fresh ingredients. We provide three healthy meals per day plus snacks and water is available at all times.  
Salt and sugar content is carefully monitored. Dietry requirements can be catered for - just ask! 
Eating is a wonderfully social event at the Enchanted Rose Garden Nursery and Pre-School. We all sit up together and enjoy good food, conversation and lessons on good table manners! 
Once breakfast is finished we have Song and Story Time then embark on our first activity of the day. Snacks are prepared at 10.30 and a luscious lunch is served at 12pm. At 4pm we all sit down for tea and finally at 5pm we clear up and wait for mummies, daddies or carers to arrive by 6pm. 
A Taste of the Enchanted Rose Garden Menu 
Cereals and toast or porridge with fruit or boiled eggs 
Spaghetti bolognaise 
Toad in the hole with seasonal vegetables 
Fish pie with carrots and peas 
Turkey and veg supreme with pasta 
Home-made pizza with carrot sticks 
Lentil curry with rice 
Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are provided 
Home-made soup with bread 
A variety of sandwiches with fruit and salad 
Wraps with houmous and crudites 
Fromage frais, fruit or homemade cakes or biscuits 

For any questions about food, get in touch 

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